Penny Stock Investing Course

Well it’s been a couple of years since I launched my Penny Stock Investing courses and to date it has been a hugely rewarding experience for me. Communicating with students, answering questions and watching some of them grow in such a short period of time has been amazing.

These courses were never designed as a means of selling someone a digital product then never hearing from them again. Rather it was to build a community of like minded people aiming to achieve the same goals.

I truly want this penny stock school to grow into a vibrant community where we can help keep each other stay on track to implement the learnings you’ve taken from the courses.

If you believe these courses may be something that you could benefit from, click the link below:

I have also received some great feedback to date, here are a few examples:

I just want to thank TheGladiatorHC for this course. I’m one month into very casual trading with no experience. This course provided me with so much knowledge on even just the small simple things. The on going support from yourself is amazing and appreciated also! Thank you. @Trentkeirnan

I have just completed the course and want to thank you for providing all the content you need to build a well constructed investment plan in a succinct and easily understood manner. I’ve been investing (poorly) for 25 years and still learned loads. Thank you so much. @R1sk_Adjusted

I just finished the spec course! Strongly recommend to newish investors looking to learn stronger fundamentals about spec stocks. I will be watching a few more times to let everything sink in and build my strategies into investing into micro companies! @Jnackstar

Struggling to find where to start for investing? Check out The Spec Investors new online course and save all the painstaking trials of finding the path to success @The Architect_HC

Just finished The Spec Investors investing course. It’s saved me years off my learning curve. Can’t recommend it enough. @subpargaming5

Really well put together nice & easy to follow yet full of great tips and ideas to get you heading in the right direction & most importantly teaching you how to think for yourself. Shows you there’s no trick to trading just put in the work like everything in life.Too cheap IMO. @coolygold

Of course there is a 30 day money back guarantee on all purchases.

Hope to see you in the course!

If you would like to reach out to me to discuss any questions you might have feel free to reach me on

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