The $50k Challenge – Update 16

The $50k Challenge Update 16 – 24/11/2020

Stock Code: PF1

Shares Purchased: 162,163

Share Price: 0.185

Reasons for buying

  • Incredibly low EV of only $4.7m
  • $6m cash so no credit raisings required in the foreseeable future
  • Management team continue to purchase shares on Market
  • Major shareholders also increasing their stake since listing by purchasing shares on Market
  • PF1 owns a high potential Gold project in Argentina close to competitors who have market caps of over $100m
  • Copper and Nickel acquisition review underway
  • PF1 also own an advanced Iron ore project which they are looking to divest. In the current market with Iron Ore prices increasing substantially in 2020, this could lead to a big cash injection if the project can be sold
  • Top 20 holders would own close to 50% of the register


  • With all resource explores, favorable drilling results can never be guaranteed. This is currently being offset with the low enterprise value and cash on hand.

To ensure complete transparency, I own a substantial amount of shares in PF1 in my own personal non public portfolio with various entries between 18.5c – 20c.

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