About me

I have been an ASX investor for over ten years focussing on micro cap stocks in just about every sector. By investing I mean I use a number of fundamental analysis tools and factors to find undervalued stocks with small amounts of risk which have a potential multi bag upside. Even though I don’t use technical analysis as a primary decision in entries and exits, I believe having at least a basic understanding of technical analysis is an important tool to take into account. I truly believe and have experienced that risks can be managed in the bottom end of the markets and speculative investors can put themselves in a position to make life changing money. 

A bit about my early days, In the first few years of my investing career I blew my account up twice and then spent the next few years really understanding the reasons why I kept losing money to reduce the chances of making the same mistakes again and again. That exercise really helped me to understand how the speculative market worked and ultimately in about year 5 year I broke even and then have been consistently profitable since then. 

I love the stock market and have a real passion in helping new traders weed through the plethora of information available at their fingertips and help them put together a strategy that works for them and can be consistently applied over the long term. No two trading strategies are the same and it took me a number of years to develop a trading strategy that has made 7 figure profits. I hope that the content in this site can help others achieve similar success. 

If you’re looking to take your Penny Stock Investing to the next level feel free pop in and learn more about my newly released investing course.

I am not here to give any advice on specific stocks or give any tips/leads. If you want that there are plenty of people on social media who are happy to push their stock ideas on others. If you want to develop your knowledge and be able to hopefully stand on your in two feet as a speculative investor then by all means I hope you find this site useful.